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  Welcome to information page about Tahitian Noni International!

Noni - Rucz Lajos - pearl When I started selling Tahitian Noni™ Original Beverage, I was just looking for a way to supplement my income. I never could have imagined what an effect it would have on my life. I wake up feeling better about myself, and my situation. My well-being and energy levels have improved-and I'm more positive about life than I've been in years! And it's not just my healthy lifestyle that has improved-my finances have as well. Selling Tahitian Noni™ products has given me a sustainable income stream that I've always wanted. I no longer feel chained to an office. Instead, I'm able to enjoy life with my family and friends-thanks to a wonderful Beverage and a great company! More...


An introduction to the history of the noni:
Noni - Origins & Destiny Click on the picture to play video!

  John Wadsworth - Tahitian Noni™ Mission Statement  

John Wadsworth - the President of Tahitan Noni International

TNI Mission:
To bless the whole earth with the natural goodness of Tahitian Noni™ as we Tell the Story of lives transformed.
This new mission statement encompasses the most important aspects of who we are:
  • To bless the whole earth: Bringing the benefits of Tahitian Noni to everyone, everywhere.
  • With the natural goodness of Tahitian Noni: Sharing the purity and effectiveness of our unique noni-based products.
  • As we Tell the Story: The power of the Tahitian Noni™ brand, TNI story, TNI IPCs' stories, and TNI fundamental connection to Tahiti and the Tahitian people.
  • Of lives transformed: Recognition of TNI amazing IPCs and the financial and lifestyle awards available to everyone through the Tahitian Noni™ opportunity.

    TNI Purpose: To expand the vision of Tahitian Noni!
    This purpose will be fulfilled in many different ways, including:
  • Expanding the role of Tahitian Noni™ Original Beverage and its related products,
  • Expanding the reach of TNI story,
  • Expanding the rewards of TNI IPCs.

    TNI Objective:
    To be known as the greatest super fruit company in history, with noni recognized as the original super fruit.
    Since TNI was founded in 1996, literally hundreds of competitors have sprung up, hoping to take advantage of the super fruit industry TNI created. We were the first, the original, the pioneers. Ours is the greatest and most powerful super fruit in history, and we will make sure the world knows where this all began.
    Please join with me, my founding partners, TNI's corporate staff, and IPCs around the world in our mission to bless the whole earth with the natural goodness of Tahitian Noni as we Tell the Story of lives transformed!

    John Wadsworth
    Tahitian Noni International


    "Tahitian Noni International is one of the
    fastest- growing private companies of all time!"

    Griffin-Hill Consulting, a marketing research company.

    Noni - Scott Baird - CEO of Griffin-Hill Click on the picture to play video!


    Noni - Unrivaled growth: TNI is one of the fastest growing companies in history, network marketing or otherwise. And that growth continues today.

    Noni - Record payouts: TNI has $2,2 billions paid in commissions to TNI Independent Product Consultants since 1996.

    Noni - Noni researches: 14 human clinical studies on Tahitian Noni™ Original .

    Noni - TNI has 42 topical product clinical studies on the benefits of noni elements: noni juice, noni leaf juice, noni leaf extract and noni seed oil.

    Noni - Global patents: TNI owns more than 52 patents worldwide, giving long-term security to the proprietary formulas and benefits of Tahitian Noni™ products.

    Noni - Nobody knows noni better: TNI were the first, TNI been around the longest, and we do the most research. Read more about noni...

    Noni - Unequaled quality: Everything from harvesting techniques to beverage formulation is completely proprietary. TNI six-step system carefully controls the entire process, from the tree to the bottle. Watch video about process...

    Noni - Environmentally friendly: All of TNI operations leave the source islands of Tahiti Nui in their original, unspoiled state.

    Noni - Incredible products: Tahitian Noni™ products are second to none-from TNI first-of-its-kind Beverages to luxurious facial care products. Shop for Tahitian Noni™ products!

    Noni - Scientific experts: Renowned Morinda citrifolia expert Phd. Johannes Westendorf endorse only Tahitian Noni™ Original Beverage.

    Noni - Seamless recruiting: Because TNI's compensation plan is the same all over the world, you can build your downline wherever you choose! CLICK HERE To Become An Independent Product Consultant...


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    See how Tahitian Noni™ Original Beverage is produced, from the noni tree to that bottle in your fridge. Includes harvesting, processing, and quality assurance processes.
    Noni - From tree to bottle
    Click on the picture to play video!


    Each Tahitian Noni™ product can be traced back to one of the elements of the noni tree: fruit, leaf, and seed. Each of these offers specific benefits that are harnessed and magnified in TNI final products.

    Noni - fruit Fruit: Has been used by native Polynesians as a source of vitality. Contains iridoids which its presence, as well as its level and quantity are among the important indicators of the quality of a noni product. A crucial ingredient in Tahitian Noni™ Original Beverage and other products.

    Noni - leaf Leaf: Help your skin defend against the visual side-effects. Found in Tahitian Noni™ Noni Leaf Serum and Tahitian Noni™ Noni Leaf Spray.

    Noni - seed Seed: Noni seeds are powerful source of linoleic acid - important for healthy looking radiant skin and lustrous hair. The source of our precious Tahitian Noni™ Seed Oil.


    4000-2000 BC: More than two thousand years ago, the ancestors of the Polynesian people left Southeast Asia in search of new horizons across the sea. In addition to their families, these explorers carried with them sacred plants necessary to sustain life the coconut, the pandanus, the taro, and the precious noni, which was prized as a secret of vitality. These "canoe plants" were eventually cultivated in the volcanic islands of Tahiti.

    500 BC - 200 AD: Noni fruit grows wild and becomes a pillar of Polynesian civilization. All parts of the noni plant are used fruit, leaves, seeds and bark. The noni fruit spreads throughout the Pacific.

    1769: Captain James Cook and his crew discover the paradisiacal islands of Tahiti and make note of the widespread se of noni among the inhabitants.

    1955: While researching pineapple plants, Phd. Ralph Heinicke discovers the beneficial properties of the noni plant. His research would eventually lead to the founding of an entire industry, one that would improve the lives of millions of people.

    1993: After coming across the research of Phd. Heinicke, food scientist John Wadsworth travels to Tahiti and confirms the existence of a commercially viable source of noni. He conducts interviews with natives and government officials, and searches libraries for historical documents. He discovers that the ancient claims were true-all research indicates that noni has astounding properties.

    1996-2011: With a combination of food science expertise, industry experience, and business and marketing acumen, the foundation is laid for the creation of a revolutionary new venture: Tahitian Noni International. Today Tahitian Noni International does business in over 70 countries, with sales of more than 500 million dollars/year. ...and it's only the beginning!